Canyon Ranch Woodside~ The Treehouse Retreat

Set among centuries-old redwoods, just 25 mins south of San Francisco, CA. Canyon Ranch Woodside is an intimate, immersive retreat experience exclusively hosting just 1 group at a time. Thoughtfully orchestrated to inspire connection to nature, to others and to self.
A group experience with focus on wellbeing and performance.

  • Allow for team renewal in the redwoods, open for private group takeovers mid-week- Monday afternoon thru Thursday morning (EXCLUSIVE 1 group at a time programs).
  • Canyon Ranch Woodside Retreat is nestled on 16 acres of redwood forest surrounded by trails and outdoor activities
  • We are an INCLUSIVE priced retreat experience; inclusions: 3 healthy, nutritious meals per day, basic AV and Meeting Room needs, 2 wellness activities per group and use of the entire retreat, 38 guestrooms, majority of them modern treehouses! under the redwood canopy to relax, recharge and re-spark creativity with your team.
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