Bruce brings over 3 decades in the field of Training, Facilitation, and Organizational Development to his clients.

Bruce focuses his practice on the development of organizational creativity and team collaboration. He has successfully worked with hundreds of companies representing most industries.

Bruce has a B.A. in Educational Philosophy and an M.A. in Educational Psychology and Curriculum Design. He did research in the area of creative behavior and design at Farwest Laboratories for Educational Research and Development. Using a systems approach Bruce developed a theory and program for promoting creative action, which later became the basis for his own consulting firm.

Bruce's unique understanding of the creative process led him to invent a nationally marketed board game, CREATE: The Game that Challenges and Expands your Creativity, as well as many other games such as Just Imagine, Sproin-n-g and Choices. He edited and wrote The CreativeMind, a newsletter devoted to supporting innovation in business, and wrote many journal articles and several books on the creative act. He is also the principal author of Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Team Work.

Additionally, Bruce was previously the owner and operator of Camp Invention, a children's camp devoted to the creative spirit in all of us. Bruce was a board member of the American Society for Training And Development and a current member of the International Association of Facilitators.

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