Virtual Night at the Races Team Building Experience

At the Races starts with a fun video that explains how to play, and will get your team excited!

Players have a choice of three straightforward actions – bet, train, or sabotage. But, knowing how and when to take your actions affects the race and means no two games are ever alike.

Each team creates a strategy, and then a virtual host invites everyone to watch the race and cheer together. When it's over, the winning teams are declared. There's time to celebrate the victory, and then the next race starts and it's back to the breakout rooms to adjust team strategy and give it another go.

Live market data on everyone’s screen shows constant changing payouts of the horses, and updates of each horse’s performance – and odds of winning the race.

Players have time to cheer, place bets, train, or sabotage horses! Do you grab a great price early-on, signaling your interest in that horse? Or do you wait for others to play their hand and dive in at the last minute?

Quick and easy to learn, and fun to play, this team building experience is a hit for everyone on the team.

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