Online Murder Mystery Remote Team Building Experience

You pick the time and we commit the crime!

Enjoy a virtual cocktail hour where you’ll hear live music and meet four of the most outlandish and interesting characters you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Motives will pop up – clues will be found – and then —- a murder will happen! Who did this horrible crime? You’ll have to question suspects and get the chance to solve the crime. And at each step of the way, you'll have all the help you'll need with a comic detective guiding you at each step!

In the Company of Killers is one of the most popular team building experience combing music, comedy, mystery, and audience participation. Take the time to customize the show for your company. Quickly take a three-page questionnaire completed by someone at your company and the entire event can be customized.

This entertaining, customized show is not a team-building murder mystery; it’s actually a murder mystery about your company. Only you can solve it, and only by working in teams.

Virtual Option: