Online In It to Win It virtual team building challenge

This series of 60-second challenges will ignite laughter, spirit, and joy from everyone on your team.

Inspired by the TV game show, Virtual In It To Win is packed full of fun and exciting moments as teams face off in various 60-second challenges. 24 hours before the event, participants will receive a simple list of household items to have ready for the In It to Win It virtual team building event. Your host will then guide your players through each challenge before teams break away in virtual break out rooms to practice and assign roles. Players have practice time to try the events and brainstorm ways to be more successful

With 60 seconds on the clock, the pressure builds, and team pride is on the line! Teams participate in timed training to practice challenges. Our helpful and engaging MC/facilitator will comment on all the challenges along the way, building the excitement through humor and music. Everyone will then come back together in one big virtual room, cheering and vying to become In It To Win It! Champions.

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