Team Time Virtual Team Building

TeamTime Odyssey is a series of six, fast-paced, one-hour sessions to help build a more vibrant and virtual team; a more adaptive, aligned and ambitious team; a more resilient and ready team.

That’s a lot of catchy wordsmithing to promise. But we’ve been practicing for decades and are able to fulfill it. During these times, if you are seeing and understanding the value of human connection more than any other time, then TeamTime Odyssey is for you. It’s your team. It’s definitely time.

As is the case in much of Odyssey’s work, TeamTime Odyssey provides your team an opportunity to learn as much, if not more, from each other than from us. Our job in all of our programs is to give you something ‘to think about, something to do and something to feel’ with the ultimate aim of generating powerful, more intentional, more authentic and creative conversations. Thus, these conversations lend themselves well to a TeamTime Odyssey on a virtual platform.

More About TeamTime Odyssey
TeamTime Odyssey began as an internal process for our team to better navigate the ambiguity of change as our company becomes increasingly virtual. The design is based on our facilitator’s 75+ years experience in classrooms and ballrooms around the world. But for TeamTime Odyssey, we focus on the parts that translate well virtually and guide your group through four core modules and two electives in a weekly six-part series.

Each session will focus on a different topic that you customize with your Odyssey Teams keynote facilitator. You’ll be in on the program design and able to customize the final two targets. Some of the topics include:

The Art of Teaming I Choice / Moods I New Distinctions in Trust I Responsibility & Accountability I Perspectives Fact vs. Fiction I Accountable Conversations

Virtual Option: