Creative Team Building for Remote Teams

If you’re feeling burnt out after months of working apart from your colleagues, you’re not alone. Research shows that a critical part of maintaining a healthy, creative team environment is providing stimulation and new settings in which to gather and generate new ideas. In this workshop, we’ll teach simple, effective ways you can prepare yourself to be mentally (and physically) ready to be creative in virtual team discussions and brainstorms. Be ready to laugh, learn and share new ideas and practical techniques in this interactive, fast-paced virtual team-building workshop!

Duration: 2 hours

Warmup (20 minutes): Resiliency: Overcome Your Fear of Failure in Virtual Settings
- Practice “bouncing back” and learning from new and uncomfortable virtual situations where some level of imperfection is inevitable.
- Learn collaborative techniques that use failure as a way to embrace mistakes to move forward in creative and unexpected ways.
- Learn best practices for creating a safe environment for creativity in a virtual setting.

Part One (40 minutes): Setting a Creative, Collaborative Mindset for Virtual Meetings:
- Practice generating ideas to move past “no”. Practice turning negative interactions into constructive opportunities.
- Learn techniques for listening to and building on ideas to move a conversation forward towards your goal.
- Practice “turning off the censor” in order to defer judgment and let creative ideas incubate.

Part Two (40 Minutes): “Yes, and” for Brainstorming
- Learn how time-boxed, improv and design thinking driven virtual group brainstorms can quickly generate exciting new ideas…
- …and in groups, use these new ideas to co-create powerful ideas and solutions to even the most difficult and entrenched challenges.
- Practice identifying valuable potential connections between ideas and practice initiating conversations with a positive, growth-minded approach to sharing ideas.
- Learn solutions to defeat the common mistakes people make when trying to be creative in a virtual meeting setting.

Closing (20 Minutes): Debrief and Applications
- Discuss the experience, share thoughts and decide on when/where/how to apply these new communication and collaboration tools going forward.

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