Howdy Room

The Howdy Room is a large meeting space with windows, long tables, bar top seating, and a booth. Booking includes use of call rooms, a lounge area, and our kitchen. Perfect for events such as workshops, classes, speaker sessions, and large team meetings.

Location Overview: We are halfway between downtown Austin and the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in East Austin (Govalle)
Facilities Overview: Our meeting space for evenings (after 6pm) and weekends (all day) is a 1,000 sqft room called the Howdy Room. The Howdy room is an open workspace with a number of long tables w/ power strips, bar top seating, a lounge area, booth seating, and a connected kitchen across the hall. Upon request, we can provide a 55" TV/display on a portable cart for presentation purposes (HDMI, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku connections). The aesthetic is funky, colorful and creative with giant windows pointing east for natural lighting. This space is great for large team meetings, workshops, classes, speaker sessions, and events.
Indoor Space: The main tables and large furniture are not able to be moved around due to their weight and not having an alternative spot to relocate them to. We can bring in more chairs, however. A portable screen/TV cart can be set up against any of the spots in the room for presentation purposes. The space is considered "semi-private", not a completely enclosed conference room style space. Two locked private offices connect through the room as well as some cubicle-style desks along one of the back walls so while our coworkers are usually not around during the available times to book this room, it's a possibility someone might have to walk through should they need access. The Howdy Room is best reserved for meetings, workshops, etc. but is not equipped for all event or party types.
Outdoor Spaces: A patio is located at the main entrance.
Capacity: 25
Includes: High-Speed WiFi, Portable TV/display, HDMI connections, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Lounge Area, Call Rooms, Kitchen/Breakout area with fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and sinks, Free coffee, tea, and filtered water, Free onsite parking
Host Details: Createscape Coworking
Cancellation Policy: Flexible