Mystery Trip: the award-winning team bonding event company

Imagine getting onto a bus, not knowing you're about to recreate the "We Are the World" video in the same studio where it was originally recorded, or that your team was going to do a sailing regatta, or by the end of the day you would've done a flash mob?

That's the premise of Mystery Trip (, a team bonding event planning company that creates unique and custom-made experiences for clients anywhere in North America. The mystery is that none of the guests know what they're doing until they get there (don't'll know!). Keeping everyone in the dark creates a group experience that begins even before the event begins, and organically lowers walls between participants allowing them to connect on a higher level as they share a visceral experience.

For over 12 years we've been creating impactful, and engaging experiences that have helped forge meaningful bonds between participants, catalyzing authentic and long-lasting connections for clients like Google, Facebook, Comcast, Cisco, YouTube, Netflix, Taco Bell, AirBnB, Tiffany & Company, and hundreds more.

An overview deck can be found here:

Location Overview: Anywhere in North America
Time Requirements: 3 hours - 48 hours
Includes: Transportation, meals, all activities are included in the cost of the event
Locations Served:
Santa Cruz, CA
Monterey, CA
Half Moon Bay, CA
SF Bay Area
San Francisco, CA
Sonoma/Napa Wine Country
Russian River Valley, CA
Sacramento, CA
Lake Tahoe, CA
Yosemite, CA
Northern California
Oakland, CA
Austin, TX
Catskills, NY
Finger Lakes, NY
New York City, NY
Denver, CO
Aspen, CO
Vail, CO
Chicago, IL
Oahu, HI
Los Angeles, CA
Dubois, WY
Minimum Group Size: 10
Maximum Group Size: 300