Relaxing and Connecting Through Cooking

Are you looking for a fun event for your team to bond outside of the workplace? A group cooking event with me is a fantastic way to help your team connect while creating amazing food together.

Food naturally brings people together, so it is the perfect starting point for your team building event. Your team will be able to connect with one another in a fun environment outside of the workplace and have a tangible product (an amazing plant-based meal) at the end of our time together.

With Chef Mark, the team building begins before the event even starts. Each participant will receive a shopping list along with a video of Chef Mark buying ingredients at the store, complete with product recommendations and tips on what to look for. The team will be invited to join a private chat where they can ask questions and share local shopping tips.

Participants will receive a list of the cooking equipment they will need, plus Chef Mark's signature flowchart-style recipes (basically IKEA instructions of cooking). On the day of the event, they will set out their ingredients, equipment, and recipes and join the live class on Zoom. We will cook together in real time, and each participant will have an incredible meal ready to eat at the end of the class.

This format is ideal for remote teams, since each participant can join from anywhere in the world! We can choose a time that works across time zones for all participants.

The link below is a recording of an event I did for Kaiser. You can get a feel for what to expect if your team works with me.

"My team event was a success thanks to Mark's enthusiasm, clear communication, dedication, and passion! It was so easy to coordinate the event with Mark and he took care of all our needs. My team felt connected and had a really fun break from the daily grind, while learning something new. I've come back to him a few times and look forward to working together again soon."
- Alejandra Ruiz, Director of Revenue Operations, Udemy

"We have worked with Mark on several virtual events for our employees and their families. Mark conveys concepts of how eating plant-based can be beneficial to one's health; as well as tools, tips and techniques for cooking. Mark is very creative, easy to work with and goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience. We have received so much positive feedback from each class offering that we have done with Mark."
- Laura Fraser, Employee Wellness Director, Kaiser

Virtual Option:
Location Overview: Participants will cook from their home kitchens and join the event via Zoom.
Time Requirements: Each class is 3 hours long, but events can be customized to meet any needs.
Guest Requirements: The main requirement is to have fun! We will go at an approachable pace, so no prior cooking skill is required. Other than that, it goes without saying that participants will need to shop for all supplies and be prepared before class begins.
Includes: Access to shopping list, in-store shopping tip video, visual recipes, group chat room, and a 3-hour Zoom plant-based cooking class!
Locations Served:
Santa Cruz, CA
Monterey, CA
Half Moon Bay, CA
SF Bay Area
San Francisco, CA
Sonoma/Napa Wine Country
Russian River Valley, CA
Sacramento, CA
Lake Tahoe, CA
Yosemite, CA
Northern California
Oakland, CA
Austin, TX
Catskills, NY
Finger Lakes, NY
New York City, NY
Denver, CO
Aspen, CO
Vail, CO
Chicago, IL
Oahu, HI
Los Angeles, CA
Dubois, WY
Host Details: Chef Mark is obsessed with showing people how to make food that tastes incredible and makes them feel great. He combines his 15 years of teaching experience and his love for genuinely connecting with people and bringing them together in these delightful plant-based cooking/team building events.
Minimum Group Size: 4
Maximum Group Size: 30
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made within 72 hours of the event start time.