Forage Edible Plants & Mushrooms in the Forest

Find out what you can eat in the woods! We'll hike in the lovely Santa Cruz mountains where I'll guide you on a beautiful, quiet, meditative 3-mile hike in the unique coastal redwood forest. Together we'll learn the ancient ways of identifying edible and medicinal species native to the region. Along the way we'll discuss proper harvesting, preparation techniques.

Host Details: I'm a Santa Cruz local, with over 10 years experience as a naturalist. I've traveled all over the world foraging and adventuring outdoors. I turned my passion into a business when I founded Mountain Sea Adventures, an outdoor adventure company connecting people to mother nature. My experience is not manufactured or forced, my routes are uncrowded and peaceful. For me, foraging is a way of life: we make a connection with our natural world through being nourished and healed by plants, mushrooms and trees.