Infinite Loop Online Remote Team Building Challenge

The Ultimate Online Team Building Challenge

Your team is called to a special secret mission. The mission is to save a young boy imprisoned by mistake in a spaceship. To rescue the boy, your team must pass a series of puzzles. Teams collaborate in a breakout groups over video. In each challenge, one person will see a door, the 3 others will have a card that will help them unlock the door.

The team member with eyes on the spaceship door must communicate with other team members. The players with the cards must listen and ask questions to enable the team to collaboratively solve problems. Once a door is unlocked your team goes onto the next challenge until finally, they are able to save the boy.

Each person has access to data, but no one has everything so you have to work together! It takes a collaborative effort of everyone to save the young lad trapped in the virtual world.

Will your team be the first to conquer The Infinite Loop?

Virtual Option: