Online Chocolate Tasting with Virtual Host

Choose from Two Different Chocolate Experiences.

You and your team will enjoy a virtual, luxury, bean-to-bar chocolate tasting by the most knowledgable chocolate experts in the country. Treat the company or team, to this unique online tasting hosted by an expert chocolatiers.

In Chocolate 101 you’ll get a chocolate tasting kit delivered to your home & be a part of an interactive live chocolate tasting session with a chocolate expert. Learn To Taste Chocolate & Eat Your Way Through An Extensive Guided Chocolate Tasting. Learn how chocolate is made, and compare and contrast the chocolates the way you would a fine wine in this guided 1.5-hour tasting of 3 luxury chocolates!

In Bean to Bar to Truffle, you’ll learn what happens behind the scenes at working chocolate factories. You’ll get a tasting kit that includes pieces of white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, a cacao bean, chocolate nibs, cocoa butter and 4 of the tastiest truffles you've ever had!

With the Chocolate Experts, you get nothing but the best. These experts have been in the New York Times, the NYC Wine and Food Festival and INSIDER, and more!

Enjoy the whole experience from your living room!