Virtual curated chocolate tasting

Choose from Two different yet Amazing Chocolate Experiences!

Chocolate 101, and Chocolate Tasting with Truffles. Before either event, each member of your team will receive a collection of specially selected minibars or chocolate truffles to their door. It’s chocolate, either choice is decadent and delicious.

In Chocolate Tasting – Chocolate 101 you’ll get your chocolate tasting kit at home & be a part of an interactive live chocolate tasting session on Zoom with our chocolate expert. Learn to taste chocolate & eat your way through an extensive guided chocolate tasting.

See how chocolate is prepared, you will listen to the interesting and entertaining stories of these chocolate companies. Understand and compare the differences between chocolates and enjoy this amazing experience.

Meet the Chocolatier – Tim is a professor of Chocolates and Confections at Johnson & Wales, began his career as a chef de partie at Restaurant au Jardin in Cape Town, rated Top 10 best in South Africa. Ask him about his chocolate shop Aroa in Boston and competing for the U.S. Gelato team in Italy.

In Bean to Bar to Truffle, you’ll learn what happens behind the scenes at working chocolate factories. You’ll get a tasting kit that includes pieces of white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, a cacao bean, chocolate nibs, cocoa butter, and 4 of the tastiest truffles you've ever had!

Our chocolate experts have traveled around the world touring chocolate plantations, planted cocoa trees, visited chocolate factories across Europe and the US, and trained with the top chocolatiers for a deeper understanding of the myth that is chocolate. They are often quoted in national publications and spend time helping to educate people, through tastings and hands-on classes. They will share their personal experiences and of course fun stories of the chocolate-making world!

Enjoy the whole experience from your living room!

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