Hypnosis Adventures


  • Choose an adventure or create a custom, interactive experience for your team.
  • Learn how hypnosis promotes relaxation and motivation, and experience it.


Take an expedition up Everest, raft the Colorado, perform on Broadway, or spark an idea as a team for a brand new, on-the-fly hypnosis experience.

Master Hypnotist and storyteller Jason Akel harnesses imaginations to relax, inspire, foster open thinking, creativity, and motivate participants to overcome challenges.

Choose from a list of adventures or pure relaxation experiences. Custom-crafted experiences for large groups are possible as well.

Teams will enjoy hypnosis, learn how it works, and develop starter skills in self-hypnosis (depends on event length). This is not your typical hypnotist show where only the select audience members are hypnotized. Everyone participates here on a safe, inward journey and can share their insights with the group afterwards and ask questions.

Good for:
- Virtual teams, in-person teams, or a mix!
- Starting the week with a motivational bang
- Ending a week (or every week) with a stress release like no other
- Rewarding teams with a virtual vacation; no vacation days needed!

All participants and the purchasing party acknowledge that these hypnosis experiences are for entertainment purposes only and are not therapy. Do not participate while operating a vehicle or doing anything that requires your close focus or attention.

Virtual Option:
Location Overview: Virtual or In-person (California & on-request)
Time Requirements: 60 minutes
Includes: Discover how hypnosis works, Hypnosis Adventure, brief team sharing of experiences.
Locations Served:
Santa Cruz, CA
Monterey, CA
Half Moon Bay, CA
SF Bay Area
San Francisco, CA
Sonoma/Napa Wine Country
Russian River Valley, CA
Sacramento, CA
Lake Tahoe, CA
Yosemite, CA
Northern California
Oakland, CA
Austin, TX
Catskills, NY
Finger Lakes, NY
New York City, NY
Denver, CO
Aspen, CO
Vail, CO
Chicago, IL
Oahu, HI
Los Angeles, CA
Dubois, WY
Host Details: Master Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist Jason Akel takes people on wild journeys in their imagination. Jason is a member of the highly-respected A.C.H.E. - the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. He is a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute and Northwestern University and is also certified in "mind-bending" conversational hypnosis from The Hypno Academy.
Minimum Group Size: 10
Maximum Group Size: 100
Cancellation Policy: 48 hours to cancel or reduce # of participants