Team Challenge Sailing Regatta

"Team Challenge" is a 3-hour team-building sailing regatta which creates a unique opportunity for a company to enhance the team spirit of a select group of participants.

The participants can use their new skills in the challenge of competition and working together as a cooperating team. All yachts involved use the team work needed to sail and win the race. The sail in not strenuous for any of the participants.

Build confidence, leadership, trust, and teamwork. (Team Challenge can accommodate 42 people: 7 yachts take 6 each).

The fleet is based in Santa Cruz and the cost per boat includes the Yacht & USCG Captain Team Building leader.

About 32 years ago the "Team Challenge" sailing program was developed to parallel concepts in similar corporate development programs such as the "Ropes Course."

The challenge works great for large groups of people that work for the same company. Teammates participate in a group sailing race that is fun but can get competitive and challenging, similar to their outside work environment. One of the goals is to sail the yacht as a team, working with colleagues on building a network together.

Host Details: Hosted by Pacific Sail