Learn Key Wilderness Survival Skills With Adventure Out!

Get out into nature with Adventure Out's Wilderness Survival Training! This excursion helps to teach you and your team some solid techniques like locating food and water, creating a shelter and starting a fire, all while building team unity with your group!

Our trained instructors – expert survivalists and naturalists – are excited to share these sacred skills with you. Learning these timeless traditions, such as shelter building and fire-by-friction helps to build self-esteem and awareness from knowing YOU CAN SURVIVE!

This class is about getting back to the earth, learning how our ancestors lived in harmony with our planet, and experiencing nature to its fullest. There is something here for everybody – come with an open mind and be ready to learn!

What your team will do: Everything you learn, you will do! Be prepared for your next wilderness adventure by practicing these timeless skills. You WILL build a shelter, you WILL make fire, you WILL learn about edible plants, see and learn about native style traps, and experience several other indigenous skills.
Time Requirements: 5 Hours
More Details: Fully Insured and Permitted School – Don’t Settle For Less!
Guest Requirements: For active adults
Locations Served:
Santa Cruz
Half Moon Bay
Bay Area
San Francisco
Wine Country
Russian River
Lake Tahoe
Northern California
Austin, Texas
Host Details: Adventure Out's experts in the field have over 10 years of experience and can educate you and your team on the ins and outs of survival strategies out in the Santa Cruz wilderness.
Minimum Group Size: 5
Maximum Group Size: 25
Cancellation Policy: Please inquire