Corporate Mindfulness Training With Mind EQ

Mindfulness training is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Google, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, LinkedIn and Apple offer year round mindfulness programs, as do hundreds of smaller companies. Mindfulness practice has application in just about every aspect of daily life, and is much more than meditation. In the workplace, it’s particularly useful for supporting positive interpersonal interaction, boosting focus and productivity, increasing patience and empathy, and supporting emotional regulation. Every part of the curriculum is evidence based, and backed
by gold standard clinical research.

The workplace is one of the most common places that we experience stress, anxiety, and distraction. Dan Petrie and the rest of the Mind EQ team tackle these challenges with their Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Training. Each training helps to bring your team closer together and teach individual strategies to help each of you to develop positive working and productivity practices to create a more uplifting and engaging work atmosphere.