DiSC Assessment & Cohesive Team Building

Building a cohesive team is no small feat. With different personality types, leadership roles and working styles, it can be difficult to find one strategy that works well for everyone. In order to provide some more clarity and help you to develop this strategy with your team, Build and Balance offers DiSC Workplace Personality Assessments. DiSC Assessments are a unique method of assessing each individual's workplace personality and associated strengths and challenges to help you better understand your co-workers and create a working environment that brings their unique skills to the forefront.

A workshop based on each participant's DiSC style is fun, engaging, informative and lasting. There are videos to watch, group exercises to go through, and time to reflect upon one's workplace style. Teams become closer knit after going through this workshop and have additional activities they do after the workshop to keep the learning going. Assessment types are available for leaders, managers, salespeople and staff. Prices vary based on assessment type.

Virtual Option: