Make a Floral Crown, Cosplay or Festival Headdress

A headdress looks good everyone - regardless of age, size, shape or gender. And there are so many occasions to wear one - wedding, costume party, day of the dead, music festival or just because.

Designing a headress is an easy wearable art project that can be completed in 2 hours. No previous crafting necessary, only the ability to use a glue gun.

The materials we supply for you to make your headdress will allow it to last for years - life like artificial flowers, shells, beads, feathers, jewelry and more. We also have zip ties in a variety of lengths so you can make a halo style headdress.

Book a private group class for 5 or more people and the 6th person is free.

We have a private kitchen if you want to cater the event or do a potluck.

Location Overview: Oakland
What your team will do: Make custom floral headdresses or other custom accessories.
Time Requirements: 2 hours
Includes: Everything you need!
Locations Served:
Santa Cruz
Half Moon Bay
Bay Area
San Francisco
Wine Country
Russian River
Lake Tahoe
Northern California
Austin, Texas
Host Details: The Headdress Workshp
Minimum Group Size: 5
Cancellation Policy: Please inquire