Quest Unique Team Building Challange

The Quest

You’re on an island with a backpack, GPS, and limited food supplies. Your team will need to complete challenges, collect calories, and avoid setbacks in order to escape the island in time. This scenario is ideal for newly formed teams, or cross-functional teams that need to accelerate communication.

Can your team be rescued from the Island of Confusion?

The challenging, changing environment and uncertain outcomes mirror real world situations in The Quest’s adventurous outdoor simulation. Armed with verbal clues or GPS technology and provisions, teams deal with setbacks, find clues and break the code that saves them. Particularly useful for accelerating communication and strategy implementation in cross–departmental teams.

The expedition begins with a brief scenario and limited supplies: enough calories to meet one challenge, a backpack and map or GPS (pending location). The team meets each challenge to gain calories and avoid handicaps (blindfolds, “loss” of speech), strengthening their abilities to work together, deal with setbacks, build momentum and assess strengths and learnings. As they proceed, encoded pages of the transmitter manual appear, providing critical information for their one opportunity for rescue.

A skillfully facilitated debrief identifies your group’s capabilities and opportunities for development and ensures maximum transfer of learnings and commitments.

Your team’s outcome? Renewed connection, skills, confidence and energy for the work ahead. The Quest presents as a half– or full–day program with groups of 5 to 50, or can be used in a multi–day program to reinforce additional team development or strategic planning processes. We deliver The Quest to executive teams, cross–departmental groups, intact teams and sales conferences worldwide.

Price and minimum group size subject to change based on program customization.

Location Overview: Mobile experience comes to you or several venues available.
Time Requirements: 4 - 8 hours
Locations Served:
Santa Cruz, CA
Monterey, CA
Half Moon Bay, CA
SF Bay Area
San Francisco, CA
Sonoma/Napa Wine Country
Russian River Valley, CA
Sacramento, CA
Lake Tahoe, CA
Yosemite, CA
Northern California
Oakland, CA
Austin, TX
Catskills, NY
Finger Lakes, NY
New York City, NY
Denver, CO
Aspen, CO
Vail, CO
Chicago, IL
Oahu, HI
Los Angeles, CA
Dubois, WY
Minimum Group Size: 5
Maximum Group Size: 50
Cancellation Policy: Please inquire